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Refuge Manager to Address F-Cove Before Council Brick's F-Cove Now Barricaded Off to Boaters Party's over at the F-cove

As for this website, we haven't decided what to do yet.

<Mantoloking section of Brick, NJ>.

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Events Calendar
Updated 05/27/11
Here you can see what 2011 events are going on in our area.

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  Want to come and check out the F-cove for yourself. Find out where this cove is as well as other cool boating spots. Click Here

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Updated 08/16/10
Get those cameras out and capture the sites during your voyages to the F-cove. Click on the picture to the right to view the gallery.

Updated 08/16/10
Hi Again! A few years ago I started a “Clean the F-Cove” day. Lots of boaters showed up to help. This year I would like to see all who use the Cove..... Click here to read more

  Mermaid’s Cove Marina

Firehouse Caterers

Brick kid who's living his dream
Scott Begovich of AMF Off Shore Racing. 

Lucididee Fast Boats

Pancake Pete

East Coast PWC


Updated 05/27/11

At the we've made the commitment to get ourselves physically in ship-shape condition for the summer and so far so good. I've lost 25 lbs of fat and Art has lost 17 lbs total. Why not join us here at and get yourselves Ship-shape too? If you want to see how we're doing in getting ourselves ready for the swimsuit season you can Click Here.

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